Ontological coaching – the art of decision-making

Coaching is gaining ground in Brazil. Its relevance goes beyond management training, having become a tool for executives and other professionals who want to overcome their limitations.
Homero Reis brings his more than 30 years of experience as a teacher and consultant to readers in a clear  and  exciting  prose  that  is  his  trademark.

Homero Reis has always been interested in people and in life itself. His interest has been such that he has dedicated his career to building capacity in his work as a coach, consultant and college professor.

His motivation: making learning acessible and playful, waking up the pleasure of learning, helping the people he interacts with attain a bigger appreciation of themselves.

Ontological coaching – the art of decision-making fulfills Homero’s mission by integrating technical texts. study cases and stories that propel readers on a journey of self-discovery and evaluation of the results they have obtained both in their personal and professional lives, enabling them to better plan their future.

Homero delights us in the way he artistically connects the technical and the practical. His writing is fluid and accurate, and he proposes a deep reflection on the process of decision-making and motivation, and on our way of being and acting in life.

Homero’s book summarizes what moves us in our choices, making it essential reading for all who wish to know themselves better and act accordingly.

So, enjoy! And as he says: “Reflect in peace!”